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Benefits of Amla's health

Amla is also mine of properties like gift given by some other nature, and Amla also places a special place in Ayurveda. Regardless of the problem such as hair fall or the weakness of the eyes, you can cure many types of physical problems (amla), so let's talk about it and talk about its benefits. is -

Benefits of Amla's health
Amla can be used in many ways, such as raw amla (Amla) can be used or it can be used by drying and its juice can also be used. It also becomes available and at the same time it does not get any kind of chemicals, so this benefit is also of benefit to your health and you also get the same benefits as you would like amla) Area is found in powder and the powder at home can be prepared as follows -|

Know amla benefits in hindi

  • For this you have to cut the raw amla (small pieces) in small pieces and after that salt is sprinkled on it.
  • For two or three days, dry it in the sun and after that dry amla (amla) is ready for use because as moisture ends in keeping in the sun, after which amla can be used for longer periods of time.

Benefits of Amla's health

Good source of Vitamin C - Amla is a very good source of vitamin C and you can fulfill the shortage of vitamin C with amla for your body with great ease.

For the mouth ulcers - if you are troubled with mouth ulcers, take the big amla (Amla) and the juice of amla is best for it. For this mix the amla juice with half cup of water. Do it and rinse it everyday, of course you will benefit from this

Insomnia Complaint - If you have trouble with the problem of getting tired of sleep or any other reason, then tell you, taking amla can also help to remove this problem.

For eyes - there is nothing better than amla for the light of the eyes, because amla (amla) gives maximum benefits in removing glasses for eye diseases and in any form you have its Can eat. While the juice of amla is the most beneficial in it.

In taking out unwanted elements from the body - because nowadays such routine is such that we often use drugs for alcohol and health to avoid stress, which fills many unwanted elements in the body and amla With intake you can easily expel those elements from your body because amla helps your liver and bladder work properly, for that you daily in the morning Ali stomach Use the juice of Indian gooseberry (amla) |

Regulates acidic levels in the stomach - By using amla in daily life, it controls the level of acid inside your stomach, due to which your digestive capacity also increases.

Improvement in metabolism - Amla consumption also improves your metabolism and it also helps to control obesity as the more metabolism you have, the more help is to reduce weight, therefore, people who are obese They want to reduce their amla to make their best friends. For information about how to reduce obesity effectively, you can click here.

Improve disease resistant capacity - Use of amla increases your immune system to a good level by which you increase the ability to avoid small fat diseases and you can click on more about disease resistance. Can get information.

Best for hair - Amla consumption can be a boon for your hair, because with the use of amla, you can make your hair healthy and control baldness and hair white and many other problems. Can.

This is a boon for you with amla respiratory diseases, increase in fertility and stomach problems, so this is something special about Amla that can be useful to you and if you have There are some benefits associated with Amla, which you know, let us know through comments and you can apply our Facebook page to get our updates.

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